“This is devastating, and I do not even understand what we’re protecting ourselves from,” stated Richard Kemper, general supervisor at the in your area owned Kauai Inn. “I suggest, I understand COVID, I’m not dumb. But the treatment is getting far even worse than the illness at this moment.”

Kemper stated the hotel has already laid off 23 of its 25 employees.

Cody Kimura of Blue Ocean Adventures said he had actually simply made sufficient revenue to purchase and complete a brand-new boat for his service.

“We were lastly returning to typical, or to what’s the closest thing that we can call regular, and then that’s just gone,” Kimura stated.

Kimura was anticipating seeing Christmas vacation tourists when he got the news alert that the county was taking out of the pre-travel screening program.

“Actually, within 10 minutes, our business line simply started sounding and sounding and ringing, individuals beginning to cancel immediately,” he stated.

The island presently has 18 active cases, according to information released Friday by the Department of Health, as well as the least number of ICU beds in the state.

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